Hello, Dahlia!

Dahlias: Let's Get Growing! 
A Guide to Help You Keep Your Dahlias Healthy and Blooming

With a considerable bloom window and prolific blooms, dahlias are a must have for the summer garden. With their showy blooms in heady colors, it's no wonder we can't get enough of them. Easy care dahlias typically bloom from June to October, and here in the Pacific Northwest, they cross the rainbow bridge by the first frost.

We've compiled a few tips and tricks to keep the party going all summer long.

Planting and Care
  • Plant in full sun using well-draining soil. Avoid clay or any soil that clumps when wet.


  • Provide plenty of room for your dahlias to grow: about 6-12 inches between plants. They don't like to share space!


  • Stake your plants to provide support to blooming stalks. The best time is when they get to about 7-12 inches tall.


  • Water deeply on a weekly basis. Wait until the top inch of soil is dry before the next watering. Make sure not to overwater your dahlias. Their tubers will rot if they receive too much moisture.


  • Feed weekly with a tomato fertilizer (such as 5-10-10 or 10-15-10).


  • For continuous blooms, make sure to deadhead! Remove spent flowers by following the flower stalk to the end, where you'll see the joint. Cut the stem here. Remove any dead leaves at the bottom of the plant. 

  • By August: slow down or stop feeding altogether. Add additional soil if the top of the roots are exposed. 

Happy growing!