If we're being honest, Fall is probably our favorite time of year. The crisp mornings, warm afternoon light, and pumpkin spice everything makes us smile; and the kid in us starts to emerge because we know that Halloween is just around the corner.

your guide to pumpkins

From large to small, we've got them all!


Black Jack

A fun little carving pumpkin, Black Jack has bright orange flesh, making the glow a stunning sight when lit from inside.

Blue Porcelain Doll

Blue Porcelain Doll pumpkins are loved for their unusual dusky blue skin and unconventional shape. They’re also great for cooking! They are aromatic, with fruity, sweet flesh. They’re a fantastic choice for use in baking recipes.


The Cinderella pumpkin gets its name after the carriage of a certain fairytale princess. It is also edible! When cooked, it is creamy with a mild, slightly sweet flavor – perfect for soups and pies.


Fairytale pumpkins are prized for their ornamental shape and unique tan coloring. They taste good, too. When cooked, their flesh is smooth, creamy, and tender with a spicy scent and a mild, sweet flavor. They can be eaten raw or cooked in sweet and savory recipes.

Field Trip

Deep orange color and long stems make these the ultimate decorating pumpkin. They are named 'Field Trip' because they are the perfect size for kids to carry back from the pumpkin patch while on a school field trip.

Flat White

A unique, flat, stackable pumpkin that makes a good contrast against traditional orange varieties. It's also edible: the thick flesh is orange with sweet flavor.

Grizzly Bear

This warty one has a unique caramel color that offers a nice contrast against traditional varieties. It has a strong stem and lasts a long time.


Knucklehead pumpkins get their name from the naturally warty skin, which look like knuckles. It is also edible: the flesh is dense and orange, with a mildly sweet flavor when cooked. This is a fun pumpkin to carve and even eat – warts and all.

One Too Many

An heirloom pumpkin with unique striping that is just made for carving! The name comes from the pumpkin's resemblance to a bloodshot eye after, well, “one too many”.

Pink Porcelain Doll

Pink Porcelain Doll is a lovely Halloween pumpkin that is also known for its excellent eating quality. The sweet and creamy flesh is perfect for soups, pies, canning, and more.

Red Warty Thing

An heirloom variety, Red Warty Thing is warty all over in a stunning color! It's also edible, with eating qualities similar to a Hubbard squash.

Spooky Boo Ghost Pumpkin

BOO! Spooky is as spooky does. These pumpkins are edible and excellent for carving and decorating.

Sugar Pie

This petite pumpkin has a round shape and classic orange colored exterior. It’s great for decorating, as well as cooking! The inner flesh is bright orange and transforms into a sweet nutty treat when roasted. As the name implies, this is a great pumpkin for pie!


If decorating is your thing, have we got news for you: we have cornstalks, hay bales, heirloom dried corn, gourds, mini pumpkins, country characters, and scarecrows.