Our range of specialty trees were chosen specifically for their ability to grow here in the Pacific Northwest. From landscape anchors to specimen trees, we we've got you covered. We also stock soil, compost, and specially formulated organic fertilizers to keep your trees happy and healthy.

Note: We currently have Meyer Lemons, Satsuma mandarins, Bearss Persian limes and Mexican limes in stock. All are either flowering or fruiting.

Japanese Maples
Japanese Maple Orangeloa

Japanese Maples

Our nursery has one of Puget Sound's largest selections of Japanese Maples. We have hundreds of trees to fit your landscape and container needs.


Trees range in size from 2 to 30 feet in many textures, colors and forms. Most Japanese Maples are hardy in USDA zones 5 to 8 - a perfect match for the Pacific Northwest climate.


​Broad Upright | Cascading

Lace leaf | Broad leaf

Dwarf | Rounded | Vase

Bamboo Group


Bamboo trees are a fantastic addition to any Japanese-themed gardens and in areas that need a fast-growing  privacy screen.

Here are some of our best sellers:

Black Bamboo | Golden Bamboo

Sunset Glow (clumping) Bamboo

Yellow Groove Bamboo

Peach from pixabay

Fruit Trees

Apple | Peach | Cherry | Plum

Pear | Asian pear | Persimmon

Quince | Pomegranate | Fig

Columnar apple and pear patio trees

Espalier apple trees

Fruiting Palm Tree

Palms Trees & Palm-like Plants

Many people assume palms can't be grown in the Pacific Northwest climate. Not true! You just need to find  the right one.

That's why we carry palms and palm-like trees that are cold-hardy.

Here are some of our favorite palm trees and palm-like plants:

Fan Palm | Windmill Palm

Sago Palm | Ponytail Palm

Blue Dracaena Palm | Yucca

Redbud Tree Blossom

Flowering Trees

We have a lot of flowering trees. Magnolias, Dogwoods, Flowering Cherry, and Crape Myrtles are just a few of the many varieties we carry.

Come by to see the full range. If you have a particular tree in mind, be sure to give us a call to check availability.

Conifer Group

Conifers & Specialty Conifers

Nothing provides structure to the landscape like conifers. They can serve as a framework or as an accents, with sizes ranging from miniature to large.


We have a large selection of cultivars and forms.


Columnar | Conical | Dwarf

Mounding | Narrow | Pyramid

Round | Spreading | Upright

Weeping | Sculpted and Topiary

Meyer Lemon Tree

Citrus Trees

Meyer lemon

Bearss seedless lime

Mexican lime

Makrut (Kaffir) Lime

Calomondin orange

Washington Navel orange


Mandarin orange


Buddha's Hand