Winter Squash


Black, dark green or white skin and is acorn-shaped, ribbed fruit. Pale yellow flesh with mild flavor. Best uses: baking, stuffing, mashing. More guts than flesh make it ideal for stuffing. 

Store for up to six months.


Dark green, with a flat top. The flesh is a deep, bright orange. Flavor is  similar to Kabocha: quite sweet and slightly dry. Best uses: baked, mashed, pureed, steamed, simmered, or stuffed. Can replace sweet potatoes in most recipes.

Store for up to three months.


Small and oblong with thin skin and green stripes and yellow stripes. Light yellow, moist and sweet flesh. Skin is edible. Some claim it tastes like chestnuts, corn, and butternut squash. Best uses: raw and thinly sliced, sauteed, roasted, or baked.

Store for up to three months.


Buttercup-shaped, slightly more squat than a sugar pumpkin. Can have  dark green or a bright orange-red skin. Flesh is a vibrant yellow-orange color that is dry. Similar in sweetness and texture to a sweet potato. Best uses: soups, salads, stir fry, curries.

Store for up to five months.


Vibrant orange skin with thick golden flesh. Flesh is golden, thick, fine grained and dry, sweet and rich. Best uses: baking, canning, or freezing.

Store up to six months.


Acorn-shaped. Small-to-medium size, smooth, deeply ridged, white skin with tinges of yellow. Flesh is yellow-orange in color with a moist, sponge-like texture. When cooked, it is smooth and tender. Flavor is mild and sweet, and somewhat hazelnut-like. Best uses: roasting, broiling, grilling, and baking. Can be used in both sweet and savory applications.

Store for up to six months.


Bright orange skin with bright orange flesh has a dry sweet taste. Great texture with no stringiness, and has a sweet mild flavor. Best uses: peeled, cubed, roasted, or served like sweet potatoes.

Store up to five months.


Peanut-shaped with smooth, thin, tan/beige-colored skin and moist orange flesh. The flavor is sweet and slightly nutty. Smooth texture falls apart as it cooks. Best uses: soup, purees, and other recipes that call for sweetness and smooth texture.

Store for up to three months.


Resembles a small pumpkin with both orange skin with firm, dry, orange flesh. Very sweet flavor. Often used as a substitute for sweet potatoes.

Store for up to six months.


Squat, scalloped shape with pale, tan/beige smooth exterior. Dark orange flesh is mildly sweet, and tastes similar to butternut squash. Best uses: roasting, baking, sauteeing, grilling, braising, frying, or pie filling. Can be used as a substitute for butternut squash.

Store for up to six months.


Oblong light yellow skin with yellow flesh. Has a stringy, dense texture. Mild and delicate flavor. Lower in sugar than other winter squash. Best uses: baked and separated,  topped with pasta sauce or other thin sauce.

Store up to three months.


Cream-colored with green or gold mottled streaks and deep ribs similar to Acorn. Light orange to gold flesh is firm and moist. Flavor is nutty, deep and and slightly honey-sweet. Best uses: roasting, baking, sauteeing, steaming in sweet or savory applications.

Store for up to three months.


Round, slightly flattened with blue-gray skin and dense, dry orange flesh with a sweet, rich flavor and dry texture. Best uses: roasted, baked, grilled, roasted.

Store up to five months.


Yellow/cream color mottled with  green and orange. Sweet, nutty flavor with tender, firm texture. Best uses:  baking, stuffing, broiling. Can be used when Acorn or Sweet Dumpling squash are called for. 

Store for up to one month.


Acorn-shaped, deeply ribbed with golden skin and yellow-orange flesh. Mild, nutty sweetness. Best uses: can be prepared in the same way as green Acorn squash.

Store for up to six months.


Large (6-10 lbs.), turban-shaped with deep blue-green warty flesh.  Flesh is deep yellow-orange, dens and dry. Flavor is sweet with nutty and intensifies with cooking. Best uses: stuffed in pasta, baked, or in pies.

Store for up to six months.


Oblong shape with rounded ends. Smooth, mottled beige skin is streaked with green and yellow stripes. Flesh is pale yellow, thick, dense, and stringy. Tender, and soft when cooked. Flavor is sweet and nutty, similar to sweet potatoes. Best uses: baked, roasted, boiled, or steamed.

Store for up to six months.


Medium to large in size (5 lbs) with a thin but hard skin. Irregular shaped, with a bulb-like cap on the blossom end. Range of colors (green, orange, yellow, cream); often all colors on a single squash. Golden yellow-orange flesh is dense, firm and tastes similar to butternut squash with a hazelnut-like flavor. Best uses: baking, roasting, steaming, or stuffed.

Store for up to three months.

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