Dave Franklin developed a passion for plants and produce early on while working at a produce stand in Seattle's famous Pike's Market over 30years ago.

Vibrant flowers and flavorful produce freshly harvested by local farmers were a daily reminder of how connected people, sun, soil, and plants truly are. The fact that friendships could be forged over chats about berries and Yakima artichokes made a lasting impression.

It was this experience that created a life's work of connecting people to the source of the food they eat and flowers they grow. The result? Newcastle Fruit & Produce Company. 


After establishing the produce market, Dave expanded with a garden nursery. The intention was to provide premium trees and hard-to-find plants in a casual farmer's market environment.  

The nursery has expanded considerably over the years. That is to say that Dave's love of trees is evident in the unique and substantial range of what we carry. And our annuals and perennials buyer has an enduring passion for anything that blooms. We have thousands of plants.


From the very start, Dave recognized that the success of the market came down to the people involved: our customers and our team of produce and garden experts.


We’ve never forgotten that. That’s why we’re committed to offering personable and knowledgeable customer service while creating an environment where everyone feels valued and welcome.

As he frequently says, "It's the produce. It's the plants. It's the people".