Bring on Summer!

Dahlias and More

The spring-to-summer shoulder season offers us an opportunity to reassess garden needs: from filling in holes to refreshing areas where spring annuals have gone dormant.


Now is a good time to thing about adding  hydrangeas, hostas, larkspur, coneflowers, salvias and more. Plus, don't forget the flowering herbs like  pineapple sage to bring color (and pollinators) to your planters.


Indoor Plants

From collector's plants to air-clearing gems, we have a variety of attractive, long-lasting plants for your indoor spaces.

Calathea / Monstera / Hoya 'Sweetheart'

Staghorn Fern / Boston Fern

String of Pearls / Bromeliads

Antheriums / Snake Plant

. . . and more. Our stock changes frequently. Please be sure to call or email to check availability.


Herbs & Veggie Starts

It's not too late to plant veggie and herb starts!

It can be a challenge to grow herbs and veggies in the Pacific Northwest due to our short summers, since most summer crops require at least 6 hours of sunlight and soil temps of at least  60F.


If you don't have the option of sowing seeds indoors in late winter or early spring, a planting herb and veggie starts is for you!

What can you get in the ground right now for summer harvesting?

Most herbs, tomatoes (our one-gallon size); peppers (smaller sizes will mature faster), squash, melons, and cucumbers.


Low Maintenance Succulents

We love succulents for their unique enduring beauty and interesting varieties. When grown in the right conditions, they provide much appreciated color and texture throughout the year. From large to small, we have the plant that's right for you!

We have some great pottery to pair with your succulents, from small containers to large statement-makers (perfect for agaves like the one shown here).


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