Color, Color, and More Color

Here are some of our newest arrivals


Rose of Sharon



Variety of Salvias

Star Jasmine

Fuchsias (lots!)


Tuberous Begonias

Bedding Begonias

Hardy Geraniums (Cranesbill)


Magnolia trees


Bird of Paradise


Color All Summer

One of the best ways to keep the color coming all season long is to plant in succession: choose plants that bloom at different times, one after the other. That way, when one stops blooming, the next one starts. Voila! Color all summer. Check out our handy blooming calendar to help you get set up for success!

Dear Dahlia

It's not too late to plant dahlia tubers! You just need to do it now. . .

We have a great selection of tubers from the Puget Sound Dahlia Association. You can order from our online store, or stop by the nursery to pick some up. Check out our store for a full lineup. We also put together a brief tip sheet for growing them. You can find it here.

We Have Herbs to Spare!

Basil: Dolce Fresca, Red Robin, Spicy Globe and Thai Basil / Catnip /  Cilantro / Dwarf Curry / Dill / Fennel / Lemon Grass / Mint: Apple, Chocolate, French, Grapefruit, Moroccan, Swiss Ricola, Mojito, Yerba Buena / Oregano: Dark Leaf, Dwarf Greek, Golden Variegated, Greek, Sicilian, Hot & Spicy / Parsley: Curled, Italian  / Rosemary: BBQ, prostate, Tuscan Blue / Sage: Dwarf Green, Bergaarten, Dwarf Purple, Woodcote / Dwarf Winter Savory / Stevia / Sweet Bay / Thyme: English, German, Lemon/Gold, Lemon Frost, Silver Posie, Spicy Orange, Winter / Vietnamese Coriander


Carmen / Fresno / Green Bell Pepper / Red Bell Pepper / Habanero / Hot Banana / Hot Cayenne / Jalapeno / Lunchbox / Serrano / Shishito / Sweet Banana / Tomatillo

More From the Garden


Hummingbird Favorites

Azaleas & Rhodies

Color All Summer

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