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Known for its large,showy blooms late in the summer, Rose of Sharon (aka Hardy Hibiscus) is a cold-hardy deciduous shrub native to Asia that's part of the mallow family. It's a great choice when you want continuous color late in the summer season. When other flowers fade, Rose of Sharon keeps going. Flower colors can be white, shades of pink, magenta, and blue. Rose of Sharon can grow up to 10-12 feet tall and about 6-8 feet wide. For this reason, and the fact that they're easy care, they make excellent hedges or borders. They also add volume, dreamy color, and romance to a cottage garden.

Rose of Sharon will bloom throughout the summer and into fall, and are happiest when grown in full to partial sun in evenly moist soil. Once established, they're simple to care for. The great news for Pacific Northwest gardeners: they're hardy to USDA Zone 5! When it's time to prune, do it in late winter or early spring, as they will bloom on the current season's growth.

We have several varieties in stock, but they do sell quickly this time of year. Be sure to call for availability if you have a specific variety in mind.

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