Fresh and New

One-Third Flat - $8.99

Fresh Blueberries

One third flat is four pints - four pints of delicious, antioxidant goodness!

3 Lb. Tote - $5.99

Sweet Murcott Mandarins

Bright orange skin and flesh and sweet!

Murcotts are loaded with flavor and vitamin C.

Half Pint - $5.99

Black Misson Figs

Dense, sweet flesh packs a punch of deep flavor.

Half Dozen for $4.99

Sweet Yellow Corn

These have good sugar content, and will be delicious when grilled and eaten straightaway.

$5.99 Each

Orange Flesh Honeydew

Large, fresh, and full of flavor!

16 oz. Box - $3.99

Duet Romanella Tomatoes

This duo of egg-shaped baby tomatoes are not only cute, but also low in acidity and deliciously sweet.

From  Yakima with Love

Asparagus from Yakima is special, and this year is no exception. There is a lot of great asparagus to be had!

Those warm Yakima days and cool Yakima nights are what help make this asparagus so special, helping to balance the sugar content and deepen the flavor. Those pretty purple tips are a sign that the sweetness  is just right!

The Apple(s) of Our Eye

Over the past few months, we've been tasting several new apple varieties on the market, and found a few that we really like. We think you just might like them, too!

Check out our store page for more information.


SugarBee // RubyFrost

SnapDragaon // Evercrisp

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