20+ Kinds of Squash

It's that time of year! Our annual squash market is up and running! We have one of the largest selections of winter squash in the area. All our squash is grown in the Pacific Northwest. Come see what's new!


New Crop: Local Honeycrisp Apples

This season's crop of Honeycrisp apples is phenomenal! Sweet, juicy, crisp, and unwaxed. We're selling them by the pound ($1.29) and by the box: 10 lbs. for $10.00 and 20 lbs. for $18.99. Shop online or in-store.


Last of the Lovelies

Alas, the summer couldn't last forever, but you can still enjoy a taste summer melons. Be sure to pick yours up, because, as Dave says, "enjoy them now, because after melon season, any melon you buy in the next nine months is guaranteed to taste like a cucumber!"


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