There is a wide variety of flowers that hummingbirds dine on, giving you countless possibilities for your gardenscape. While it's true that hummingbirds love red flowers, they do enjoy other hues. After red, purple flowers come in close second, followed by oranges and yellows. Why is color important? Hummingbirds don't have a keen sense of smell and rely on sight to find the right flowers. Red is nice and easy to find! Tubular-shaped flowers are sought-after as well: they make it easy for the birds to drink their nectar and collect pollen at the same time.

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Late summer color. Hummingbirds adore this plant.

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Bee Balm
Bee Balm

A hands down favorite. There are many varieties. We really like 'Jacob Cline'.

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Hummingbird Mint 'Blue Boa'
Hummingbird Mint 'Blue Boa'

Agastache is also known as hyssop. It's easy care and attracts other pollinators.

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Selected Hummingbird Favorites

Bee Balm (Monarda)

Bottlebrush (Callistemon citrinus)

Cape Fucshia (Phygelius)

Cardinal Flower (Lobelia cardinalis)

Catmint (Nepeta)





Hummingbird Mint (Agastache)

Salvia 'Hot Lips', 'Radio Red', 'Amistad', 'Black 'n Blue'

Trumpet Creeper vine (Campsis radicans)

Mine! Mine! All Mine!

Hummingbirds are very territorial, and you may see one or two guarding "their" flowers or feeders, and chasing off the competition. The best thing to do is to plant many flowers and spread them out in your garden. Same applies to feeders

Speaking of feeders: if you plan to supplement your garden with feeders, please consider making your own nectar. If you purchase it, please try nectar without red dye, which is harmful to hummingbirds. The easiest and least expensive way to ensure quality is to make your own hummingbird nectar using refined white sugar and water.  Here's a great recipe. Be sure to thoroughly clean your feeders often (more often in hot weather) and enjoy these little wonders of nature.


H20 Is Good For the Soul

Hummingbirds love water. You may see them flying through sprinklers or spending time at the birdbath. If you really want to make them happy, invest in a bubbler fountain. Pure hummingbird happiness.