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Newcastle Fruit & Produce Co. Rhododendron Goldflimmer_IMG_1475.JPG


Rhododendrons are indispensable flowering shrubs that deserve a place in every Northwest garden, adding color and long-lasting blooms to the landscape. They're easy to care for and are long-lived. What more could a gardener ask for? Rhododendrons are shallow-rooted shrubs that like acid soil and sun to part shade, though some will tolerate bright sunlight. We have quite a few new rhododendrons this year at our Bellevue nursery. We've listed some of our favorites so far. Have a browse to see if you've found a favorite, too.


This is a selection of some of our favorite rhododendrons this season. Please email us to see if your preferred variety is available at our Bellevue nursery. Bloom times and sizes are approximate. Sizes indicated are size in 10 years.

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